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Subject: Low Level Bridge - Colo Heights Road, Upper Colo  23.12.18

Please be advised that works have now been completed on the low level bridge on Colo Heights Road, Upper Colo and it is now open to traffic.  The bridge has a load limit of 15T. Signage has been amended to indicate the new load limit.


The dot matrix printer in the Operations Room has been retired. It was used to print the output of pager messages
This has been replaced by a new computer based system which records the pager message that is sent out.
When you send a pager message to anyone the following now occurs:
1. The off air decoder next to the paging computer screen will light up and a short beep will sound. 
2. A TV screen on the wall will display the message and who it was sent to


Area calculations made easy...

0.01 of a hectare = 100sq metres or 10m x 10m

1 hectare = 10,000sq metres or 100m x 100m

0.0001 hectare is a mere 1sq metre or 1m x 1m!

The smallest area ICON will accept is 0.01ha

From the Captain:  28.08.17

A reminder that if members cannot attend their rostered day, they must advise the Comms Officer for that date. 
Similarly, for shift swaps, both Comms Officers for each of the shifts need to be advised of the swap.

Dear Captains,
To further clarify our email last week, BISS forms need to be only submitted to Fire Control for a hazard reduction or patrol of a hazard reduction, please do not send to OCC.

Thanks TS 280817

Dear Captains
Could you remind all you crew leaders to send in their BISS reports for Hazard Reductions, additional HR’s and patrols of any fire.
To put it simply any time a RFS unit goes to an incident, does a patrol or attends any type of hazard reduction you need to submit a BISS report.
Thanks for your assistance. TS 210817

Just a reminder for Saturday Comms 
If nothing has changed since Fridays handover.
Eg no people unavailable or vehicles unavailable have changed they are still the same
You DO NOT need to send a report in.
Yes you advise OCC upon handover after Saturday Comms has finished, if there are any crews or vehicles still out and about
But you still do not need to do a form.
This is the same for Staff and Weekend staff
If nothing has changed since the Monday or the Friday changeover no reports need to be done
It is only if people or vehicles have changed to unavailable MW 9.6.2017
Seen the new button on the Homepage? Now you can calculate the FDI yourself!

GHS ... The Globally Harmonised System is a system of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. This new system replaces the previous Approved Criteria for Classifying Hazardous Substances and has now created a single worldwide methodology for chemical classification, labelling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
 The GHS information reflects Safe Work NSW changes issued in December 2016 and has now come into effect from January 1st 2017.
RFS GHS Bulletin here...  (click, then check your 'Downloads" file location)
Further information can be found at this link.

See attached fact sheets which were discussed at the Captains meeting Friday Nov 26 2016 TS 28.11.16

Fire Status and Combat Agencies
Communications Channels

Medals or Ribbons
can only be worn on the white RFS dress shirts or RFS Tunics.

 All name badges and ribbons are to be placed in centre above the pocket.

 Name badges are worn above the right shirt pocket.

 The NSW RFS medal for long service and the Canberra Fire Medal are worn on the right side above the pocket and below the name badge.

 The National Medal and the Australian Fire Service Medal are worn on the left hand side above the pocket.

Radio Transfer to / from OCC      per KH 08.10.16
In order to ensure situational awareness for when we take back the radio from the OCC, it has been suggested that we trial a new process.
 Once we have advised OCC that we are taking the radio back and we have been advised what units, if any, are in the field or on standby, we announce on the radio that Hawkesbury Fire Control is now taking back radio.
Then touch base with each unit in the field/standby for crew leader and crew numbers so that we can ensure that we have up to date information.
Just prior to contacting the OCC to transfer radio back to them, announce on radio that OCC is now taking radio back.
Yarramundi Calls....
Until further notice when Yarramundi RFB are paged for any incident please page a second Brigade as well to assist. Consideration for which brigade can be made at the time of the call but should include HQ for most areas or GW depending on incident location.
 Please also remember to advise the OCC if they only page Yarramundi RFB at the time of advice.
Rod Walker  10.10.16

Notes from the FCO ... March 2016


There appears to be some confusion as to what message to put on pagers when activating Brigades/personnel.
I would like to remind everyone that a bright yellow laminated note is attached to the bottom of the paging computer screen.  This note has exactly what needs to be put on the pagers. Please take the time to look at this. All pager messages should be as per the example listed :  FR Fire Call 185 Kurmond Road FR.
If the call is for CABA, then use the structural message.

Fireground Channels
Also a reminder that our allocated Fireground channel is 15 and should be utilised in the first instance. If that channel is being used, then it is appropriate to utilise another channel, ie Fireground 1.

Callsigns for GOMPS
Whenever GOMPS are out in the field with a Group Officer, unless it is at an incident and a callsign is allocated to that person, the callsign for the GOMP should be the vehicle that they are in.  Ie: South 1 Vehicle.

Taking sitreps and messages
A reminder that when sitreps are being taken over the radio or phone, they should be written on the sitrep form.
If taking a message on the yellow message forms, please ensure that the date and time and who took the message sections are completed. If these sections are not completed, the messages may not be able to used as there is no evidence of how timely the message is.

Use of 7 and 9 Units outside Brigade Area
It is policy that if a Brigade is being responded in their own area, all local vehicles may be utilised.
When Brigades are being responded to assist in another Brigade area, unless there is a specific request, the Cat 1 ONLY should be responded.  The secondary unit should remain in the local area in case another call comes in.

After Hours Contact Person
The Duty Officer is usually the initial point of contact for any issues. If Karen, Tim & Rod are the Duty Officer, they are to be contacted.  If anyone else is the Duty Officer, they are not the contact, the On Call Officer is to be contacted (which would be either Karen, Tim or Rod).

Just a reminder that when completing ICON , we need to be as accurate as we can.  We need to ensure that we put not only number of personnel but the number of appliances as well.  If people are no longer on the ground, then we need to remove their names.

If a pile burn or similar appears to be illegal please ask for the following from the OIC:
1. Confirm the address of the incident
2. Name of offender/land occupier/owner (ask who lit the fire)
4. Please take at least 1 photo of the fire only to show size and materials in fire.
Please provide the person who took the photo with email: hawkesbury@rfs.nsw.gov.au
Recently we have been called to attend several MVA’s on BLOR where the address given compared to the actual address has been many Km’s apart. To improve our response and reduce any unnecessary delays we advise the following.
1. Respond the closest Brigade based on the information received.
2. Call BM RFS to discuss and hopefully better locate the incident and then activate or stand down RFS resources as needed.
3. You could also try contacting Windsor Police to see if they have any further details.      Regards Tim   26.01.16

A definition you may hear...

Stage One Assembly ... units go directly to the incident
Stage Two Assembly ... units stage away from the incident, to be tasked by the IC when required
WE may need to determine / designate a suitable Stage Two location - be ready!

Not sure which Fireground Channels to allocate to Brigades? See the file here or in our Downloads Section
Need to contact NP by Fireground Radio .. they have equivalent channels, on their radio
Example Screen Display... on RFS radio: FGND1  ..=.. on NP radio: RFS FGND1
Need the Inter-Agency ESO Liaison Channels?  See HERE
Remember, NP are not an emergency service!

The current Group Officer structure  ... August 4 2018
Call Sign Name Home Locn Work Locn
West 1 Ken Pullen Kurmond Windsor
West 2 Don McKillop St Albans St Albans
West 3 Phil Hurst Kurrajong Heights Kurrajong Heights
North 1 Craig Burley Colo Heights Windsor
North 2 Mal Bobrige Blaxlands Ridge Blaxlands Ridge
North 3 Paul Bryant Upper Colo Upper Colo
South 1 Chris Petrikas Tennyson Tennyson
South 2 Dave Ryan Bligh Park Richmond
South 3 Ian Wedge South Windsor South Windsor
With 5 brigades now CABA equipped, the response and paging protocol to structural fires has changed. Ensure you are familiar with the latest procedures.... September 2018
 Need to enter a number in response to a request from a site to "please enter a number in response to a menu option" type situation? You need to press  # #  then the number!
Main radios should be set on E008 Hawk....
Lost? Hold the yellow HOUSE icon button down and it will goto this Zone and Channel!
Need more info on radio settings.... goto the downloads link, below, and download the x- file ... the one right down the bottom!!
Load Limits....

Burralow Creek Bridge   14T     01.01.18
Colo Bridge on Higher Colo Road  15T   23.12.18

Procedure upon AFA Notification ... Send one major tanker
Brigades Trail Clearing .... fallen trees ...  we need to obtain...
Name of the CSO, Name of the trail and the Grid Reference...
“FIU” is not a vehicle.
 If FIU is responded, please put, for example, “HPC (FIU)” in the square.

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